A Reprieve from Winter!

Today, I am extremely thankful for the second 70+ degree day in a row!  I've got Bob Marley on the radio, laundry drying in the sun, little ones playing on the deck and snow melting in the front yard! February doesn't get much better than this!

The Right to Vote

Today on election day, I am reminded of how grateful I am to live in a country where I get to participate in the democratic process by voting in free elections.  I am so thankful to be raising my daughters in a free country.  I want them to grow up to appreciate what an important privilege that is.  

Options & Choices

Today, I am thankful for the endless options and choices that are available to me!

Warm, Sunny Weather

Today, I am so thankful for all this warm, sunny weather we have been having.  It is such a relief after such a brutally snowy winter!  It is so nice to be able to enjoy going outdoors again!

The Internet and Cable TV

Today, I am so happy and thankful to have my internet and television connection back after it was knocked out yesterday morning by the blizzard. 


Today, I am thankful that our power came back on after only an hour or so outage during the snow storm.  You don't realize how dependent you are on electricity until you are trapped in your home in freezing cold weather without it. 


Today, I am thankful for my friend, Pammy!  I don't know what I would do without her!  Such an amazing friend!


Today, I am thankful for books!  I love to read!  I am thankful to have so many amazing authors and books from which to choose!

A Moment for Myself

Right now, I am thankful to have a quiet moment to myself.  The less of these you get, the more you appreciate the ones you do have!


Today I am thankful for snow!  I love how bright, clean and pristine the world looks coated in fresh snow!

Good Motherly Advice

Today, I am thankful that my mom encouraged me to choose Kaylin's fall/winter wardrobe one size bigger than she was wearing in October.  If I hadn't, all of Kaylin's clothes would be snug now.  Thanks for the good advice, Ma!

Camryn's Laugh

Today, I am thankful for Camryn's laughter!  There's nothing quite as magical as a baby's laugh!  You can't help smiling and feeling happy when your baby is laughing!

Good Neighbors

Today, I am thankful to have such nice neighbors. 


Every time I change Camryn's diaper, I am thankful for all my friends and family who helped us stock up on diapers!  I am especially thankful for my friend Pamela, who really went above and beyond with the diaper roast that she threw for us!


This morning, I am thankful for my friend Jennifer!  She watched Camryn all night, so Colin & I could sleep!  I got a super ultra-fantastic nine straight hours of sleep last night!  It was so wonderful!  Thank you so much, Jennifer!

My Fellow Moms

Today, I am thankful for all my fellow moms (girlfriends, neighbors, Chesapeake Mommies, MOPS and my own mom) who have been bringing dinners to our house since the baby was born!  The food has been delicious and not having to cook has been a godsend! 

My Mom

Today, I am thankful for my mom, who took off of work to spend the day helping me with Kaylin, Camryn and my house.  She brought lunch for me and Kaylin, helped me catch up on some chores, and watched Camryn so I could get some shopping done and spend some one-on-one time with Kaylin!  Thank you, Ma!


Kaylin told me she loved me for the first time last night.  So sweet!  Then she said it again today while we were shopping at Target!  I am so thankful to have such a good-natured and loving child!


Today, I am thankful for Hershey's chocolate!  I love Hershey's Kisses and Special Dark Miniatures!  They are so delicious and just the right size . . . the perfect little pick me up!


Today, I am so thankful that Camryn slept throught the night.  Until last night, Camryn had wanted to stay up most of the night.  Then last night she surprised me by sleeping from midnight to 6:30 am! Thank you, Camryn!

Pearl Harbor Day

Today, I am thankful for all the servicemen and women who protect our country and keep us safe and free.

My Engagement Ring

Today, I am thankful to have my engagement ring back after three weeks at the jewelers being repaired.  It sparkles and shines like it is brand new!  Thank you for choosing such a gorgeous ring for me, Colin! 


I love this show and am really going to miss it!  Thank you to Tony Shalhoub and the all the writers, actors and crew for hours and hours of entertainment and for making my own idosyncrisies and OCD like tendencies seem less severe!

My Mother-In-Law

Today, I am thankful for my mother-in-law, Edrie, who is spending the whole week with us to help out with Kaylin and Camryn! Tonight, she even watched Camryn for us for a few hours so we could take Kaylin out for some much needed quality Mommy, Daddy and Kaylin time!  We had such a nice time!


Today, I am thankful for my mom who is here making Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Wishing all my friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving!


Today, I am thankful to be home with my family and our beautiful baby girl, Camryn Elise Brennan!

The Last Supper

Today, I am thankful for my Mom for watching Kaylin, so Colin and I could enjoy an evening out just the two of us!  I am thankful for the staff at the Sizzling Bombay for making our dining experience so delicious and relaxing!  I am thankful for my Dad who gave us the money to dine out!  Above all, I am thankful that by this time tomorrow, I will hopefully be holding my precious new baby girl!


Today, I am thankful for my sister, Kristi, who helped me hang border in Kaylin's new room yesterday! It looks so good!


Today, I am thankful for weekends! Wish they were longer and more frequent, but I'll take every weekend moment I can get!


Today, I am thankful for pizza! Thick, thin, crispy or stuffed crust! Plain or loaded with toppings! I love it!!!

Gorgeous Fall Weather

Today, I am thankful for the gorgeous fall weather that we have been having! I'm loving the sunshine and not having to use my heat or a/c!

Christmas Shopping

Today, I am thankful that the bulk of my Christmas Shopping is done! Thanks for going shopping with me yesterday, Jamie!


Today, I am thankful for TiVo -- one of my favorite inventions ever!

Chesapeake Mommies

Today, I am thankful for my Chesapeake Mommies for so much fun and support! What a great group of women! 

Veterans' Day

Today I am thankful for all the men and women past and present who have served our country honorably so that we can be free!  I am also thinking of my Pop-Pop today.  I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful grandfather and for all the time I got to spend with him!

In the Home Stretch

Today I am thankful that I am not going to be pregnant for much longer! Can't wait to meet my baby girl!